Freshwater Fish

Freshwater tanks are great because they are low-maintenance and you still have a large variety of tropical fish that you can choose from! From catfish to eels, or colorful guppies to cichlids, we'll have what you're looking for here at your local fish store!  Our tropical fish are healthy and we do whatever it takes to guarantee that.

  • Peaceful, Community Fish
  • Planted Tank
  • African Cichlids
  • Arowanas and More

We carry a large variety of peaceful, community fish such as tetras, guppies, danios, rasboras, barbs, catfish, and MORE for any size tank! These fish are great for tanks as small as just a gallon to larger tanks.
Need a fish to eat algae in the tank? We have otocinclus, flying foxes,loaches,and plecos of all kinds  to help you with your algae problem.
 Looking for a special fish you haven't seen in a store?  Let us know and we can special order your tropical fish for you. Ask and The Deep we will deliver!

We carry fully aquatic, freshwater plants for those of you that may have have a planted tank. Unlike plants that they sell at Petco or Petsmart, where they're bottled and not in water, ours are healthy and come straight out of our tanks! Stop by for suggestions on what you can do to supplement your planted aquaria to make sure that everything is thriving and healthy.

We also have exotic freshwater fish that are stunning for planted tanks such as angelfish, discus, apistogrammas, rainbowfish and more! Stop by to see what we have in stock today!

Cichlid tanks are wonderful to have because they are so interesting to watch and these fish have a ton of color. Next to saltwater fish, African cichlids probably have the most variety of color. We stock African cichlids from all the lakes: Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, & Lake Victoria. These tropical fish are great to have, but make sure that you have the right size tank for 'em!

Looking for beautiful Haps or those super interesting shelldwellers? We'll have them here.

Arowanas and the other oddball fish are also very interesting. The are little less aggressive than African cichlids. The unique shapes of these fish make a nice display in your aquarium.

Some of these fish get very large so be sure to ask about the care they need before deciding which fish you want.

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