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We offer a wide variety of options for saltwater enthusiasts. From tanks, lighting, and filtration to special order livestock and supplies.

When setting up a saltwater aquarium there are many options to consider such as what kind of fish you want to keep, if want to house corals, or maybe something special like a stingray or shark.

When looking into keeping corals there is a lot to consider; you must take the time to research lighting options, substrates, filtration, what fish and other creatures can be kept in a tank with corals, and which corals you want to keep.

With saltwater fish, you mainly have to consider what fish you want, and which fish are compatible. Then the size aquarium the fish will need. When looking at smaller fish such as jaw fish and gobies, small tanks are usually adequate. When looking into most of the angel fish or eels, you will need a good size tank so they have plenty of room to grow and move.  There are many books and online resources for researching these choices, as well as the owner and employees here at THE DEEP. If you have a question we will do our best to help you find an answer.