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When looking to set up a new aquarium, equipment is a huge consideration. Design, placement, and functionality are all key elements. With freshwater your equipment purchases will be filtration, heating, and lighting.

If you are running common freshwater fish then filtration is normally a back hanging unit with replaceable pads, or a canister filter. When you are dealing with more fragile fish, you may want to invest in a wet/dry filtration system that is much more stable.


When dealing with saltwater aquariums a fish only saltwater tank can run with a back hanging filtration system or canister, but a wet/dry filtration system is suggested. When dealing with a reef tank, a sump or refugium filtration system is preferred, but with proper maintenance a hang on or canister filter will suffice. Another key piece to a reef system is a skimmer for taking proteins out of the water. Sizing, functionality, and placement should all be considered, when purchasing a protein skimmer.


THE DEEP offers many services to its customers, not only do we sell aquariums, aquarium furniture, and hard to find animals, but we also carry filtration, lighting, heaters and additives. We can also provide a quote for delivery, set up, and monthly maintenance of your aquarium. We can test a sample of your water to make sure that your aquarium is in check, and if it isn't we can help you fix it.


If you have any questions about special orders or other services we provide, contact us at 530-241-5344 or email us.


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